What is the price of a photo session?

The price of a photo session depends on the number of photos you desire to buy. Complete price list you can find here.

In which days you could make a photo session?

Photo studio CLASSIC is openned for customers from monday to saturday with working hours from 9:00 to 20:00 and sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. If you need us in another time you have to make an appointment with the photographer. His phone number is 0888 941 886.

Is it necessary to make an appointment for a photo session?

It is important to make an appointment for your photo session so you can be sure that it will be done in convinient for you time!

The fastest and most sure way is to call 0877 941 886 or 0888 941 886. Of course, you can make an appointment if you send us e-mail using our contact form.

Where is your photo studio located?

Photo studio Classic is loacted in Varna, “Tsar Asen” str. №1, store №3

With how many people I can come to the studio?

Our studio is big enough. Our only condition is to tell us in advance how many people are coming  so we can make you the best photos possible.

What props do you have in the studio?

We have children’s toys, guns, balls, hats, christmas toys and ornaments, baskets of fruits, a lot of flowers and more. We use stylish decorative furniture made of cast iron – a bench, chairs, an interior clock, and many more. You can see our studio here. If you want you can bring your accessories too.

How long before the wedding we should engage you?

As early as possible, after you have chosen your wedding date and venue. Please call us so we can check if we aren’t already booked for your date.

We want you to be our wedding photographer! What we have to do?

Contact us, using our contact form and be sure to tell us your wedding date, location and any other information you have about the event. We will answer as soon as possible with an e-mail or phone call and make an appointment, so we can discuss what is to come. When you decide to trust us to photograph your wedding day we will prepare a contract  that you have to sign. After paying the deposit mentioned in the contract we guarantee our engagement and you can be sure that you are going to have a photographer for your wedding.

How much it would cost us if you photograph our wedding?

Prices start at 550,00 lv and depend on engagement durotation, number of photographers hired, would you like us to create a wedding album for you or not. Complete list with wedding packages and services you can find here.

How much we must pay as a deposit?

30% of the price of the package and services you have chosen is enough so we can be engaged with photographing your wedding day.

Do you offer services with two photographers?

We always recommend a package with two photographers and the reason is that a second photographer dramatically improve the quality of the end product offering a different point of view and assissting the main photographer. This gives us creative freedom and helps us capture interesting moments and in the same time keep track of important rituals.

We have seen some beautiful photographs. Can we have the same?

If you want to have photographs with a specific style or theme tell us about it in advance so we can discuss how they can be made and how much time it will take. Beautiful photographs take a lot of time, appropriate location and organisation but mostly the couple’s commitment and understanding that it could take even 2 hours. We have rich experience and we are confiendt  that you will be satisfied with the results.

When are we going to get our photographs?

You will recieve your photgraphs within 2 months after the wedding. We would like you to know that this is a time consuming process that involves:

  • Selecting the best photos according to your package;
  • Professional post-processing of all photos (color balance, brightness, contrast);
  • Making artistic processing (black and white, retro, sepia and other special effects) according to your package;
  • Making full retouch to images according to your package;
  • Preparing and copying images with high and lower resolution (convenient for internet sharing) on a digital media.
  • Specially designing and printing DVD and box for it.

We would like to have a lot of photos with our relatives too?

This mostly depends on event organisation. We could advice you when and how this photos should be made but you decide what is important and how much time could be spent. Generally the photographer follow the couple according to the plan. You should see our „Express photographing of the guests at a wedding“ offer. This way they will have something to remember your special day.

Why are you making so many photos but we do not get all of them?

Our photographers shoot a lot during the wedding day so you can be sure that the unique moments and athmosphere will be preserved in time. Modern digital technology allows us to make a lot of photos and gives us more freedom and confidence. This way the overall quality of the product is improved.

General questions

Do you make photobooks?

Yes, we make photobooks with premium quality and leather covers that could have photos inserted in them. Prices for availavable sizes are listed here.

What do I have to do if I want to order a photobook?

You should prepare the photographs that you want to be included in the book. Take in mind that photobooks look much better when are made with less but bigger photos compared to when are made with more but smaller. Send them to us and we will design a book according to your requirements. If you don’t like it, we will make the changes necessary to the project and send it to you again. After your final acknowledgment the project will be sent for printing. You can see the pricelist and some finished projects here.

Do you publish the photographs in online galleries?

Some of the photos are used for advertising so we could share them with our current and future customers. Generally we post photos on our site’s Blog and on our Facebook page.

What type of file format do you use when photographing?

All photos are shot in digital RAW files that give a lot of opportunities during post-processing and ensure high-quality final result. Customers receive the finished product in JPG files.

Do you offer videography services?

Photo studio Classic doesn’t offer videography services. Anyway if you need help finding a videographer please tell us so we can recommend collegues we are sure that will offer a high-quality product.

What kind of photographic equipment do you use?

We use high-quality digital cameras – Canon 5D Mark III. We also have some additional Canon 70D cameras. The wide range of original Canon lenses (24mm-70mm f/2,8; 70mm-200mm f/2,8 II; 85mm f/1,2, 16mm-35mm f/2,8) allows us to make all kind of photographs with very high quality. For lighting we use multiple Canon 600EX-RT strobes and in the studio professinal flashes by Dynaphos. Photo prints are made on EPSON printers.

What would you do if you can't go to an event you were engaged for?

Eventhough this hasn’t happened yet, we have a lot of qualified collegues who could handle the job perfectly. Anyway we would provide photographer for you event.